Friday, May 22, 2009

The Twofer

Remington pair

20090522 typecast

I've become much happier since deciding that I'm really a sucker for pity-case typewriters, especially ones that would be hopelessly bent and maimed by the hands of bored children in tow behind their mothers at the thrift store. I'm providing a service here, honest!


James Watterson said...

VERY NICE!! It seems that we all are providing a service and home from unwanted kids and choppers. We are above the norm and realize typewriters are useful. Though we have two problems, one trying to save them all. LOL Space is the other.

Monda said...

Love the visual morph. You're a lucky one finding a Seven in that condition at a thrift store.

Saving typewriters is more than a service, my friend. It's a calling.

Anonymous said...

I like the looks of that Ten Forty. Plastic shells never bothered me, as long as the mechanicals are decently made. Maybe you can do a future post with it. I'd like to see how it types.

Strikethru said...

Did I have too much to drink last night, or is that picture... moving?

mpclemens said...

The photos just begged to be animated. Finally, a semi-non-gratuitous use of an animated GIF. :-) Non-throbbing photos are found here and here for those fighting post-holiday hangovers.

Typograph, I want to get some new ribbon into each of these machines to try them out, though the Noiseless is going to require some TLC first. Norma Jean might loan out her ribbon for the experiment.