Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Value, Small Package

20090619 typecast

Sorry for the half-letters. This is the ribbon found with the machine, and the vibrator and some of the keys still require some de-gunking. I'd also like to note that the iPhone comes with no user-serviceable parts.

Smith-Corona Skyriter, c. 1957


James Watterson said...

WOW! Very nice, bran new looking. Mine is the one with the dark green keys and a metal cover. I like this one too though. You can never have enough skyriters. They tuck so nicely in with the rest of the big portable cases.

Strikethru said...

But... but... it's been 6 months since I bought my iThing. I need a new one. You don't understand. The new one is... new.

Skywriter is one of my bucket list typewriters for sure.

-M said...

I have a Smith-Corona Skyriter I got from my grandmother before she passed away. Could you possible take pictures or scan the manual? I don't understand how to use all the features. Thanks so much!