Tuesday, May 22, 2012


typecast 20120522
KMart 100 typewriter
KMart 100 typewriter
KMart 100 typewriter

Presented on a strip of adding-machine tape on a very slippery platen. Looks like it's time to try the brake fluid trick, too. Typewriter images from shopgoodwill.com

From the keys of a Royal 1947 Quiet De Luxe
Royal Quiet De Luxe, c1947


J.A. said...

Oooh, coolness! Looking forward to the pics of the process.

notagain said...

I'll be interested to see that too. I have only one such left - the Wizard TureType.

Fernando Antunes said...

I'm looking forward to the see the after transformation pics. Brothers are good typewriters, too bad that most of them have such a boring design.

Richard P said...

I agree, these Brothers are quality little machines. I gave a student a Webster (Brother) and she loves it.