Friday, June 6, 2014

High, Concept

typecast 20140606 pt1

typecast 20140606 pt2

For as long as it lasts, here's the exhibit in question, but a quick interwebs search can find you information about numerous concept cars, including ones that should have been in my toy car collection, if oil embargoes hadn't spoiled everyone's fun.

Typed on a 1952 Smith-Corona Skyriter
Smith-Corona Skyriter c. 1952


notagain said...

Hey, skyriter!
I love concept cars, except the cool parts NEVER make into the real world. sigh.

teeritz said...

I always had a soft-spot for Matchbox over Hot Wheels. The Matchbox cars were closer to the real thing whereas Hot Wheels had a tendency to jazz their cars up with mag wheels and flames across the doors.
And I can recall seeing some nifty concept cars at the motor shows I used to go to back in the late 1970s. Speaking of 70s concept art, I never got around to buying Ralph McQuarrie's "Art of Star Wars" book. It was way too pricey back then.

Bill M said...

All the way and I was set to comment on cars until I saw the Skyriter. Very fine machine. Quite fitting for a post about concepts and concept cars.

This must be Skyriter day. I was using mine a few hours ago, and notagian posted with his.

Back to Matchbox and Hot Wheels. I had Tonka trucks, but my little brother had both Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. If I remember he shelved the Hot Wheels and played with the Matchbox cars. I always liked the Matchbox cars because they were realistic.

teeritz said...

And they had better suspension, Bill. I used to lift the rear wheels off the table and then let them drop and the back of the car would always bounce two or three times. The Hot Wheels cars never did that. Strange what you remember from childhood. My favourite Matchbox car was the Alfa Carabo. My grade 2 primary teacher confiscated it one day and said; "This will stay in my family for the next 500 years."
NEVER saw that car again.
Maybe I should sue my old primary school?

Vikram said...

I love Hot Wheels; I grew up with them and still have my 200+ collection in my room :)