Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something Fishy

Because of this... (from this Agfa)
Agfa Isolette Compur-Rapid Shutter - Here Be Dragons

...I did this.
Vivitar PN2011 Fisheye

20100318 typecast

Typed on "Lucky" the Remington Noiseless Model Seven

All Aboard the Noiseless Express


Joe V said...

This sounds fun. I look forward to some positive results; heck, if you get any image at all, it's worth posting. Remember, too, about experiments: even a failed one provides useful data.

I'm nearing the finishing touches on my 8"x10" paper negative, meniscus lens box camera; this weekend I hope to get some results.

You know, I have a very nice digital camera, that takes wonderful quality images. But I still like the hands-on process of developing sheets of paper in the darkroom, and making the cameras by hand. I'm not sure why, perhaps all the magic that happens inside the electronic box befuddles us mere mortals, so we need something more tangible, something we can get our hands around.


mpclemens said...

Phase 1 report: complete failure!

I think I had one of the lenses flipped, as the negatives came back completely blurred (though nicely masked when I engaged the panorama flaps, so that's saying something.)

More experimentation to follow: it may be that I need to use the original back element but can still drop in a fishy front element. Off to read up on lens optics...

rino breebaart said...

I like the Remington photo!

Mike Speegle said...

You know, I am beginning to wonder if all of these thrift store camera purchases you make are really as accidental as you make them out to be.

mpclemens said...

@rino: Thanks! I'm fond of the styling on the front of that machine (wings? waves?)

@Speegle: I resemble that remark...