Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wide View

20100326 typecast pt1
20100326 typecast pt2
20100326 typecast pt3
20100326 typecast pt4
Plane, Moon, and Branches
20100326 typecast pt5
Holy Flare!

Typed on a Smith-Corona Silent Super
SC Silent-Super & Strawberries


Joe V said...

Still, it's not a bad set of images you've created.

What amazes me about low-end film cameras is that their image quality never deteriorates as badly as low-end digital. Aside from the resolution (or lack thereof) of a mediocre lens, the film itself still retains its tonal and dynamic range, pretty much regardless of the camera it's in (assuming the exposure is half-okay).

mpclemens said...

You've hit it exactly, Joe. Considering the low-budget circumstances of this "shoot" I am very pleased!

This is dollar-store film, too (rebranded Fuji.) And it's been overexposed by about two stops, at least according to Sunny 16. The camera is f/8 with a 1/125 shutter speed, and the film is ASA 200. Complete cost of everything: camera, film, processing & scanning -- a shade over $5.

Scanners will be constantly improved and tweaked, too, to be able to pick out more detail from the film. That's why I like it so: the image is already preserved at the highest resolution possible, waiting for the digitizing technology to catch up.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I like the flag.


Duffy Moon said...

I have a couple of those Pix Panoramas, too. I should pull the masking out of one of them, give it a try. I liked the quality of the masked pictures - not bad for a $1 thrift store purchase.

Also recently picked up a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim, which is basically the same 28 mm lens (I believe, with a tiny lens-to-film distance (I'm such an optic genius, I know). Haven't developed pics yet; I really need to.

Duffy Moon said...

Okay, turns out the Wide & Slim Vivitar has a 22mm lens. But whatever.

Like what you've done here, regardless of my own optical incompetence.

mpclemens said...

Ah, then it's even wider, Duffy. Surely worth a roll of film and a walk.

Olivander said...

I think I've found your next DIY project. Bwa-ha-ha!