Monday, November 1, 2010

Cheering Section

We're doing some remodeling, which required that I put my main NaNo typewriter away for a while, after I'd brought it out and given it a cleaning up. I'd forgotten that my middle child had "helped" with the process, making sure that the keys worked and the ribbon was properly inked. She wrote this up, and then a day later the contractor came, so her work was hurridly tucked away in my box of paper. When I sat down this morning to start NaNoWriMo, I found it again.

20101101 poemcast

It's never a bad thing to kick off with your own personal cheering section.


Elizabeth H. said...

I believe there is only one appropriate response to that: awwwwww!

Richard P said...


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool.

Duffy Moon said...

Oh, my kid's due for a woopin'. I'm gonna bring a typewriter in there and demand he do this for me. Rotten kid.

mpclemens said...

@LFP, Richard, Snohomish: I agree completely.

@Duffy: your offspring are heartless ingrates. Flog them until their attitudes improve.