Monday, August 27, 2012

Water Rites

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deek said...

Next summer, for sure!

My five year old knocked off the swimming aids this year and while he still needs a little confidence treading water, he can swim. Next summer, I'm sure he'll be wanting to spend all of his time in the big pools.

I still have one more year of lessons for my 3 year old and then a couple year gap for my youngest.

You are so right about the after-pool calm. And anymore, I get to enjoy reading poolside and not really have to watch the kids in the water...

wordrebel said...

I saw your status about this over at Facebook and had to laugh - it just so happened that my mom was cleaning out a few old boxes and found some swimming lesson related things from when I was three!

My two (almost three) year-old loves the pool until he decides he doesn't. He loves to splash until he decides he doesn't. Basically, he just does whatever the hell he feels like. Someone should really say something to him...

We never put floaties on him but we did have an inflatable something-or-other last summer. He didn't care for it. We're hoping that means he'll be good to go by the beginning of next summer!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me so much of my niece and nephew. She's 7 and a tiny little thing, but she would totally be the one on the 3m platform if she could. My nephew is 8 and a bit more timid about putting his head under the water but he'll get there in time with a few lessons. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post with all of us.