Thursday, November 7, 2013


20131107 pencilcast pt1

20131107 pencilcast pt2

Written with a Moleskine 2B pencil.



Bill M said...

Oh the fun of the digital world.

Hope things work out for you.

Elizabeth H. said...

I was going to point out that pencils are far cheaper than a certain eraseable pen *unless* one is using a fancy Moleskine pencil, but then I remembered you got a cracking good deal on those and I'm envious and not speaking to you about it.

So never mind. I wasn't really here. Just a figment of your imagination.

Unknown said...

Isn't your hand tired from all that writing?

mpclemens said...

@Elizabeth: Right. And to tell you the honest truth, it's merely... OK. The rectangle shape is unusual.

@Bruce: Yes! Hand-writing is a rarity for me these days, at least with anything other than a fountain pen. Typing, though, is easy. I can do that for hours these days.

Anonymous said...

You have a very neat handwriting. I like it! You should show it off more often.

notagain said...

I've been using the alphasmart on the bus, so I know what you're going through. I just run them off in notepad for pages and take an alt+prtscr of the window for my files.
I've been sticking my text in MSN skydrive and editing in Word web app. good luck, you are still ahead of me, as usual.