Monday, November 18, 2013

The Horizon from 46,425*

I can't see it yet, but I can feel it... the end of the NaNoWriMo sprint. The end of the story, and the end of the early-morning wake up call. Characters have changed, plots have shuffled around, details have filled themselves in. I'm just channeling the muse, trying to keep the plane level and the course as straight as possible.

Honing in on the horizon. That's me.

* Wordcount estimate puts me with about 3,500 words to go. OCR counting says I crossed the line a day and a half ago. I'm going with the estimates, because I know how many typos are keeping the Rhino aloft right now.


Elizabeth H. said...

I hate you. It's an annual thing. I'll get over it eventually. Maybe. Until next year.

mpclemens said...

I can accept that. I think. :-) I'm not at all the first Brigadier to go green, though, and some people are talking about making it to 100K. Madness.

Me? I'm motivated by no longer getting kicked out of my nice warm bed in the dark and try to string words together. NaNo should be subtitled "30 days of jetlag."

notagain said...

Congratulations. I will take my small consolation in being right on the target trend line.

Scott K said...

Wooooo! Looking good!

Richard P said...

Call me impressed.