Friday, November 14, 2008

And it's (almost) halftime...

NaNoWriMo 2008: Day 14

Everybody kicking some wordcount butt? Yes? No? Well, even if you're not, just keep at it. Even with my highly-planned setup, I've suddenly been introduced to three brothers that seem to be serving as both comic relief and some word-building backstory. Writing their pathos makes me think that the rest of the book is over-serious, something I'll have to investigate when I go back to revise: seek opportunities for lightness. I'm concerned that I've got 100+ pages of drudge to muck through before there's any chuckles, and that may be too much for anyone to bear.

Maybe I need appropriate headgear? These three brothers were born of an early-morning writing session when I'm still in my pajamas, groggily blinking my way into the world of the living again. I can get maybe three pages done in the morning before the kids are up, but get another five or six at work on my lunch. I think the button-down shirt is making me too serious. Might need to look into wearing the kilt sometime. (Or you know, not and instead keeping my job.)


Monda said...

I'm finding the same seriousness problem. Of course, there was absolutely no planning whatsoever on my part beforehand.

It's fun catching my own curve-balls, though.

The kilt sounds like a perfect idea. I've got a church-lady hat I could probably throw on and get the same effect in my own story. It's a good idea.

mpclemens said...

We had a perfect week for it, too, random high temps. and sunny skies. Alas, kilt-wearing while balancing a typewriter on one's knees is an adventure in modesty maintenance.

Teri said...

A guy at work wore one of those, sort of a cargo kilt. (He happens to be the inspiration for my main character, although I haven't worked a kilt into the story yet.)

Personally, I thought he needed a sporan, but I did give him thumbs up for the effort;)

mpclemens said...

Utilikilts have numerous pockets, which handles most of the use of a sporran. As for it's ability as a modesty protector, you can order your kilt with an optional snap. Good for those times when you need to scurry up a ladder without fear of frightening those with sensitive constitutions. :-)