Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teh Ned

The secret to a high word count Done at last.

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, it kind of spiraled out of control, and in true NaNo fashion, there were surprises, tears, laughter, and many, many typos. And now it's done, really done. I typed those two magic words just an hour or so ago, said a small blessing of gratitude to the word gods, and am now planning on taking the muse out for a drink. The old girl deserves it.

If you're out there toiling away in NaNo land, hang tight. I'll send the kids right over, they're a great help.


Duffy Moon said...

I have been to the mountaintop, but have not yet seen the other side.

I need to get just over 8k words in the next two days. Got some in-laws comin' for turkey. Got some weekend shift working to do (why does my turn to man the weekend shift always pop up in late November?!) and some sick-kid tending and a gimpy typewriter I just can't stop fiddlin' with.

Yep, I've got this novel right where I want it.

Elizabeth H. said...

For whatever reason, I love this picture. Particularly the snail. ;-)

Duffy Moon said...

I hadn't even noticed the snail. How funny.
In one of those weird coincidences I enjoy so much, I have had an enormous plastic snail on my desk at work for the past five years or so.
And on my Remington Standard typewriter at home is a mascot loaned to me by my 6-year-old son Geddy: a purple plastic turtle with googly eyes.

What does this mean? What's the significance? I don't know.

mpclemens said...

The snail was this year's mascot, just to remind me to go a page at a time and I would get there in the end. My daughter (pictured) loved it: she's named it "bunny" due to the eye-stalks.

Also, it glows in the dark. (The snail, not the toddler.)