Friday, November 21, 2008

Stretching for home

200801121 typecast


Teri said...

Just make notes. Put something in parentheses like (pump it up here and let the characters resolve it like this.) You can go back and fill in those sections, after the November madness. I did that with sections of the story I did last year. I actually wound up re-writing it and like it much better. Still working on it, of course, but may pick it back up in December. My Nano effort is coming to naught this year. I still like the story, but just can't write right now. I will finish it, as I owe it to the characters.

mpclemens said...

The synopsis is my friend. I've glossed over whole sections of plotting here thanks to that little trick, saving the really juicy stuff for writing now, before it leaks out of my head. And it may be that the synposes don't really drive the plot and can be disposed of in edit.

Teri, you surely get a pass from any sort of pressure this year. NaNo will still be around when you're up to it.