Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Needs New Ribbon

Needs New Ribbon

Also needs:
  • Dust and eraser bits blown out from insides
  • Surface grime wiped off
  • De-pooping (case only, luckily)
  • De-hairing (typewriter only, unfortunately)
  • Paper holder bent back into shape
  • Rust spots removed from case lining (OxiClean?)
  • Zipper re-sewn on side of case
  • Its story discovered and written


deek said...

Its sexy.

I still haven't had one of these cross my path.

Mike Speegle said...

Zipper problems seem to plague these cases, from what I've seen.

mpclemens said...

MikeS, I know that you're going to hate me for this, but I'm considering knitting one. I have two heavy plastic pieces salvaged from an old car trunk organizer: they would make fine top-and-bottom pieces for a new case. I'd need something sturdy for the piece that sits in the back (the bottom, when the case is handle-up.)

This case is in bad shape -- it looks like it was left out open in the rain, as rust has stained almost all of the liner (you can see some in the photo.)

speculator said...

My L-32 was my Dad's. He used it just about daily for about 35 years (taking great care of it), then gave it to me. He did have the zipper on the case replaced, at a tailor shop in NYC. Maybe a portfolio case could be a next-best carrying case for your machine.

Hang on to the ribbon spools. Then you can buy any brand of ribbon.

Strikethru said...


So your total number of machines now stands at...

Mike Speegle said...

MP: You're a madman, I say! A madman!

Seriously, though, I'm very interested to see how it will work out. Me, I've just been ignoring my loose zipper until I can get up the nerve to sew in a new one.

mpclemens said...

Yes, de-poop. It seems the case ran afoul of some kind of avian bomber. (It's not bad, but still... ew.)

Lifetime total? Ummmm...

*counts around the room*

Nineteen maybe? Egads.

Olivander said...

Ribbons? Ribbons? We don't need no steenking ribbons! We have crayons!

That really is sweet, Mike. Looking forward to her debut typecast.

Monda said...

Isn't she lovely!

I'd like to know if the de-rusting with oxy works. My Sophia's a dead-ringer for yours, minus the poop and with more severe zipper issues.

Time for the story.

Lara said...


I've just recently bought a Olivetti Studio 44 from a shop (£3.99!), but I don't know anything about it, or anything about typewriters, actually. It's in really good condition (case is a little moldy), and I'm guessing it might be pre '63, but I would really love to know some more about it. Can anyone help me? Pleeeease?


mpclemens said...

I've got a Studio 44 as well (Zsa Zsa, pictured here) What would you like to know about it? Four pounds is a great price for that machine, if it's in working order (and even if it's not.)

Lara said...

It is working order, all I need is a new ink ribbon.
what I'd like to know is the date of it, since I can't find the serial number.
Also mine is different because it says just "Olivetti Studio 44" not "Olivetti-Underwood". Does this mean its older?
I'm not really bothered about knowing how much its worth or anything, because I bought it just to learn how to type and get used to using one.



mpclemens said...

On my 44, the serial number is underneath the carriage. Move the carriage to the left, as if you'd just finished typing a line. Try typing a bunch of spaces to move it. If it won't move, then the carriage is locked: there is a small lever poking out on the left-hand side of the carriage that moves veritcally -- slide it down to unlock the carriage.

With the carriage moved, you should see the serial number stamped right on the frame, as you look from above. This web site can help to match the number to an age. On the Olivetti page (go to "Brandnames" > "Olivetti") there are two sections for the Studio 44: it seems like they made one run and then another about a decade later.

Mine says "Olivetti Studio 44" on the back, and "Olivetti Underwood" on the front, so name badging isn't quite enough to go on. The serial number will tell you for sure.

Lara said...

Thanks, this is really helpful!