Friday, August 21, 2009

The Red Badge of Hype

No, this doesn't count as my Significant Story entry (and how did this become homework all of a sudden? [shakes fist at Strikethru.]) This little guy caught my eye at Goodwill the other night, mainly because of that little red dot.

Leica Mini Zoom

Now, this is a "real" Leica in the same sense that I'm a "real" author. Put another way, this camera is a sheep in wolf's clothing. That said, Leica lenses are famous, and the lens really does make all the difference. I took a Yashica T4 with me to Disneyland which took outstandingly sharp photos (Zeiss lens, for those in the know) and I was hoping this camera would behave about the same.

My test roll came back from Walgreens just a bit ago, and here's some of the scans from the CD.

I'm pleased! One, for the quality, and two, that I didn't need to pay the Hype Price to experience it.

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Strikethru said...

I haven't done my homework either (I never even wrote a tutorial months back) so I have no leg to stand on!

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