Thursday, February 24, 2011

Typecaster reminder: "Anablogger Archives"

The typosphere has gotten pretty big this year, so it might be time to throw out this reminder/offer again. If you (like me) use flickr to host the images for your blog, and if you (like me) are not currently paying for their "pro" service, you will notice that only the most recent 200 photos of your stream are available for casual browsing, among other service limitations. If you dump your images into a group, however, it's possible to go to that group's page and search for items submitted by you, no matter how far back in your stream they are.

I set up a dedicated members-only group specifically for typecasters, pencasters, typewriter nuts, etc. to use as a repository for their blogging goodness. It is:

The rules are simple: while logged in to flickr, send my account a flickr-mail with the URL of your blog. I'll check it out, and if it looks like "our kind of thing" I'll add you as a group member. Ask to join without a URL, and I'll ignore you. I'm trying to keep the group closed to folks who just sign up for as many as they can as a means of self-promotion. Flickr appears to not have any limitations on the total size of your account, but again, free accounts are limited to the total size of uploads per month -- the counter resets at the start of each month. You're also able to set rights for your images (I use Creative Commons) if you're so inclined. However, if you're hosting on Blogger of Photobucket, there is a total space allotment. It's something to consider.


Duffy Moon said...

Thanks for setting this up Mike. I use it now for all my typecasts. Used it about an hour before you posted this. But you already know that don't you?
(In fact, isn't it true that the real reason you set this up is so that you get first peak at all typospherical happenings? Hmmm?)

mpclemens said...

There might be a certain voyeuristic habit being fed, yes... but mostly I wanted a place to dump all my old photos without annoying the list owner, and the typosphere is generally nice enough to share with.


Duffy Moon said...

By the way, I DO know how to spell 'peek'.
Why do I make way more typos on this PC thingummy than on a typewriter? I think we all know the answer to that.

Elizabeth H. said...

I'm just now approaching that 200 photo limit, and I've been trying to figure out how best to handle it. I really like Flickr, but I'm not ready to plunk down the money for a Pro membership. I should do this...thanks providing us with the option!

I've also been experimenting with Picasa, which doesn't have a numerical limit to the number of photos you can upload, but does have a size limit. And it's not as pretty, for sure. There's always something.

mpclemens said...

@LFP: you're welcome to sign up. There's no daily limit on the number of photos you can dump in the group, so you should be able to login to your account, go to the "Organize and Create > Groups", select all your photos, and then drag onto the "Anablogger Archives" group (then prune out any you don't want in there.)

notagain said...

Thanks for taking the initiative, this is great. Expect a message from me soon!