Wednesday, February 9, 2011


20110209 typecast

Typed on a Lettera 32
Needs New Ribbon

Other script machines: "Babs" (sample output) and "Alice" (sample output)


Adwoa said...

I don't suppose you meant "grievous"? :-)

From what I have observed, there are so many Lettera 32s in circulation that script ones are very rare indeed, so I am jealous of your amazing find.

Love the word plays on "script" and "unscripted"!

deek said...

Five days does fly by like that...

I keep thinking I should get a manual script typewriter, but you are right, it will barely find use. The last one I had was in great shape and ultra-portable and it just didn't get much love.

Anonymous said...

Those unplanned fun times with the youngins are the best!

mpclemens said...

@Adwoa: I'm sure I meant whatever the proper spelling may be. :-) Typecasts expose our many flaws: script typecasts doubly so.

@Deek: I don't pass them up when I find them, but they always tend to languish on the shelf. They're not an everyday-use machine, IMHO.

@Snohomish: agreed 100%, though it's hard to keep up with them! I'm also grateful for the peace and stillness of the office after five sold days with the kids.

Duffy Moon said...

My two script machines are both Olivettis, too. One is a modern plastic thingummie and probably needs to be adopted out.

The other is a Studio 44, and is beautiful, and was a gift from the (beautiful also) Mrs. Moon; it's with me for the longhaul, naturally.