Friday, September 2, 2011

The Mighty Monarch

Remington Monarch, c1963 20110902 typecast

Here's the right-hand carriage knob. I stuck a washer in there for strength, and as a base for any future blinging that may need to be done.The chocolatey-looking glop in the center is the puddle of JB Weld that is filling up the inside of the knob.
Remington Monarch carriage knob, repair attempt

This was the scary part: mucking around with a "live" mainspring. It's much nicer to replace drawbands when you don't need to look at the spring at all, but just slip it through a little hole in the drum. Not so here: the cord had to be wound through a little hole, knotted, and then wedged back in. Tricky.
Remington Monarch mainspring, before

Here's the view afterwards. Success!
Remington Monarch mainspring, after

Back in typing shape:

Remington Monarch, c1963


I dream lo-tech said...

Wanna fix mine? ( :

Cameron said...

I have the utmost respect for people who can fix things like this. Well done!

notagain said...

well done! I use old flax twine from an upholsterer myself

Philosophothinker, ThD said...

I agree the styling on those is gorgeous; one of my top picks of the era.

I've had to mess with drawstrings 3 times, but never anything as intensive as your project!