Sunday, March 18, 2012


20120318 typecast  pt 1

Boss wheels

My sweet ride for setup and cleanup of the track meet: turned out to be more reliable than my own car.

20120318 typecast pt 2


Unremarkable low-light cell-phone snap of Reggie, post-cleaning.

20120318 typecast pt 3

Typed on "Reggie," a late model Silver-Seiko (or is it Silver Reed?) built Royal Mercury.



Adwoa said...

Oh, that is really cute! Love the two-tone blue and white; I thought you were going to tell us that you customized it yourself :) Very fashion forward, I must say.

Speaking of which, That Dress has done its job if it's convinced your wife to covet a typewriter of her own!

maschinengeschrieben said...

I too, like the design of Reggie. Very nice.

Ted said...

Must be Royal Month. Tori came home yesterday with her very first thrift store machine: a Royal Safari of the ABC/Cole Steel variant (Portugal-made).

Actually was very pleased with its typing action, despite being a plastic fantastic.

Mike Speegle said...

Amazing: arriving safe and sound after catastrophic mechanical failure of navigational components.

Super-amazing: finding a reasonably-priced machine in this post That Dress age of typographical zeitgeistitude.

Super-triple-gosh-dang-amazing: getting the spouse on board with your semi-deviant hobby.

Nicely done, MPC.

Richard P said...

That is cute! I've found several in my local thrift store, but they are uniformly gray with keys that look like a smoker's teeth.

Royal Mercury: $2.50
Hooking the wife on typewriters: Priceless