Friday, March 30, 2012

The Rhino Isn't Fooling

Nano Rhino whisper secrets

Just a quick post to advise everyone that I've uploaded the latest, way-fewer-errors version of One Last Quest to the various e-book retailers out there.

If you're a tightwad watching your budget, there are two lower-cost options for you:
  1. Amazon, being Amazon, has gleefully undercut my retail price by 50%. Take that, indie author!
  2. I've made a new coupon code YF46K which applies only to Smashwords downloads and brings the price of Quest right on down to a frosty-cool 99 cents. If you previously downloaded a copy, you should be able to get the updated version for free by logging back in and downloading the latest-greatest.
And also for you, my lovely fellow Luddites, I am pleased to announce that a print edition is available from CreateSpace. If you enjoy words and seeing them together on a page, then you will certainly enjoy this book. Look! It has a bar code and everything. That means it's real. It is also a convenient size for stowing in a backpack, bag, or for leveling out that wobbly coffeeshop table. You know the one. It's that table in the corner that nobody sits at because, you know, teh wobblez.

If you've bought or downloaded a copy, I thank you all the way down to your toes. Once you've read it, perhaps you could take a moment to leave a review at the retailer's site? Then I'd thank the rest of you even more.


Mike Speegle said...

I would never use such a high-quality piece of fiction to level off a table, nor would I hollow it out and hide a switchblade inside, which just shows you how good it is.

deek said...

Review written (for both OLQ and P&P). You guys are doing all writers proud!

Unknown said...

I'll remember to leave a review when I'm done. I thought I'd show support, and paid for it a week ago. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Duffy Moon said...

All right, dadgum it.
If it'll make that infernal rhino shut up, I'll get the book.

There. I just did.

Yours, too, Speegle. Just in case Clemens' book isn't the right thickness for my table's handicap.