Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy (Retro) Holidays

Christmas 1970Hope the big guy brings you everything you want this year. Take some time to dress the pets or kids up silly and snap a little film. There's still time to get a typewritten letter out to Santa, the big guy might appreciate a little old-school wishlist for a change. (Have you ever tried texting with mittens on? Not pleasant.) Or go really retro: turn off the computer, put on the old Andy Williams LP, make some popcorn, and just watch the lights twinkling.

Have a great holiday everyone. Back to the regular blog-schedule in 2009


Olivander said...

And merry Christmas to you, too. I was just wondering yesterday what to compose for my holiday card, and then realized that Christmas is freakin' next week!

I may end up recycling one of my past retrolicious Xmas cards.

Strikethru said...

I think I may be too late to get Christmas cards out this year. As Charlie Brown would say... rats.

Monda said...

I'm a Christmas card failure again this year. Once finals are over it's just too late.

Slide those records on the turntable and have an easy Merry Christmas, mister.

speculator said...

A peaceful and blessed Christmas to you, and thanks for your wonderful blog!
For me, it seems the more market-frenzied the holidays get, the more I do things like bake- and do "verbal Christmas cards," which is calling up friends. No e-cards this year, either.
Lots of AM radio oldies, though!