Thursday, January 31, 2013


typecast 20130131 pt 1
typecast 20130131 pt 2

Wow, abundant typos here. I can see how a swipe-n-slide lifestyle makes one's fingers flabby. Clearly I need more typing practice.

Typed on a noisy, oily, fingerprinted, wonderful Montgomery Ward Signature 513 (Brother), c. 1966
Montgomery Ward Signature 513 (Brother), c.1966

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello, World!


Typed on a 1957 Underwood Universal (from the post-ENIAC age)
Underwood Universal, c.1957

What I didn't mention in the typecast is that this means I'm also dipping my toe into being a mobile-computing-device-owner, although I have yet to desire or need a "smart" phone. What's driving this decision is mainly my desire to edit my novel, and not having any time in which to do it, or access to the home computer (where the draft resides) when I do have the time. Inspired by this photo of an AlphaSmart/tablet hookup and Mr. Speegle's own foray into the tablet-driven revision lifestyle (and emboldened with unspent Christmas cash from my family) I'm dipping my toes in. So it's all for writing, you see, and not solely gadget lust.

That's my story, anyhow. If you could have told 30-years-ago-me that I've be able, in my lifetime, to have Star-Trek like technology in my lap, and program it, I would have scoffed you right out of my room. Not that I would have been able to hear you over the din of the cassette drive, mind you.

Thursday, January 17, 2013