Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Those About to Read...

All right, all right. Deek of Type Clack has been shamelessly flogging my 2009 NaNo draft, without any sort of encouragement from me (private to Deek: your check is in the mail.) I did finally -- finally! -- finish reading through and cleaning up my initial transcription, and posted it online as a Google doc. It's tucked away here, on a page that might become home to similar such things, if I'm so inclined. Deek has been generous with the praise, as has Duffy, who saw an earlier, less cleaned-up draft. I'm still waiting on that other shoe.

There are still a number of problems, mostly of the odd or duplicate word: most of this work was undoing the erratic "fixes" imposed by the automatic spell checker. I have not re-read it all the way through again, but I'll update it in place when I get a chance.

I'm happily accepting any and all comments, suggestions, improvements, and (of course) faint praise. If you need me, I'll be over here in the corner, curled up all fetal and humming to myself.

EDIT: I'm also learning how to use Google documents, so if I suddenly break the link, be patient. I may be putting an update in place. Or erasing all my hard work. You know, either way.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ambassadors of the Golden Bell

20110124 typecast

Typed on "Etta," the 1953 Royal Quiet DeLuxe
Royal Quiet DeLuxe c. 1953, aka "Etta"

This also gives me a chance to prove the point that you need to adjust your technique and touch to the particular machine, if you plan to rotate them through. Consistent with my other Royals, Etta requires a more even typing technique than I use on my computer keyboard or that I can get away with on Olympias, speed-demons that they are. You'll note the bunched up letters here and there in the typecast, resulting from me getting to the next letter before the escapement advanced to the next position. Also, Etta is outfitted with a knob used to adjust the tension of the mainspring, so on its loosest setting, the carriage almost flies to the end when you move it. I had to add some tension after the first two lines, which revealed that other problem that sometimes plagues Royals: the infamous "soft left margin," where it will return not quite to the leftmost stop. I see this on my model "O" Royal even more. Grievances aside, the QDL is a fine machine, and it really is very quiet, something I'd forgotten. Searching this blog shows that I've only used her twice, both times for a color-cast. I'm rather embarrassed that I have not used this machine more, in truth. It's no wonder I'm still getting used to it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Cow Tales

20110121 typecast pt1
20110121 typecast pt2
Please do not confuse these with Cow Tales, a candy they sold at the pool where we would swim away our summers. And say, that reminds me of another story...

Typed on a 1943 Hermes Baby
Hermes Baby, c 1943