Thursday, April 21, 2011

Now They've Gone Too Far

20110421 typecast

What's wrong with this photo?

20110421 chimping

Typed, with tongue in cheek, on the re-felted Silver-Reed 750
Silver-Reed 750 "Fast Spacer"


Philosophothinker, ThD said...

Maybe one of those blue lines opens up?...

And that really is a very cute typewriter, the two red keys really help. I love red accents on typewriters! I added bright red felt to my Royal Fleetwood a little while back, adds appearance and improves sound. :D

mpclemens said...

This one is really just a Brother in disguise. Unmistakable, when you compare it to its pimped-out cousin (speaking of red.)

Stationery Traffic said...

Damn straight. Long live the 3x5!

Art said...