Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twenty-One Questions

typecast 20120328 pt 1

Needs New Ribbon

typecast 20120328 pt 2

Hermes Baby, c 1943

typecast 20120328 pt 3

The Mighty Spread

typecast 20120328 pt 4

The First Draft

typecast 20120328 pt 5

Olympia SM-9
Responses typed on the above-pictured SM9.

OK, Typosphere, it's your turn.


Adwoa said...

Wow! I didn't think anyone else would attempt all 21, but you, Clemens, are a man of courage and endurance. Bravo, and what a marvelously fun read! I'm beginning to realize that circa 35 is the magic number for many of us; funny how that works out.

My first reaction after reading is: come on over! We'd be ever so glad to have you :)

Great job on the pictures and the unbelievably neat typing job!

Rob Bowker said...

Well done for finding the time for all the questions. We'll need to get a shrink in to make sense of all the answers - to see if there's anything unique about Homo Typeratii. I was a bit daunted, so I'm working my way through an A5 side a day. Episodic, you might say.

notagain said...

you smoked me - I'm only half done! This is what you do in November too. Interesting responses. Too bad you aren't in LA since I have to go down there next month. We'd love to see you up here though.

Bill M said...

Great post, all 21 at one time! I hope to do a few at a time and have yet to start.

Very well done.

Unknown said...

Just started following your blog since Mr. Speegle speaks so highly of you. (I know him from college.) I just started collecting typewriters and I love reading your stuff, that includes The Last Quest. I also happen to be a wanna-be writer who lives in central California. If you need another writer to wave down and scour your stuff with fresh eyes, let me know.

deek said...

Nice job and way to keep the ball rolling!

Mike Speegle said...

Gutsy going to full 21. Btw, you got into typewriting about a full minute before you inspired me to get into typewriting. Funny.

Oh, and I'm still holding out hope that you and all the other denizens of the 'webs will one day make your way up here for a type-in.