Sunday, August 3, 2014


Eugene the Typopigeon's visit is drawing to a close. To celebrate the nearly-simultaneous birthdays of my daughter and father, the family -- and Eugene -- made what's becoming an annual trek into Alameda to the Pacific Pinball Museum.

Eugene was entranced by the lights and activity, though we had to work on his etiquette a bit...

Bird's Eye View
Kind of blocking the view there, buddy...

Making it a bigger challenge
Barely better

Luckily, the PPM is very family- and flock-friendly, and offers numerous stools to boost up the vertically-challenged players. He was intrigued by the promise of "Slick Chicks", though I had to break the news that these chicks were of the non-Playboy-infringing sort, not the feathered type.

Wrong kind of chick?
Resisting the urge to make a "stool pigeon" joke here.

You may notice Eugene is sporting a new fashion item: a red-and-black scarf patterned after a typewriter ribbon. My girls were concerned that the cooler Bayside temps might ruffle his feathers, and insisted he be dressed correctly. This seems about as reasonable a transition as I can muster for taking a picture of him atop the Dr. Who machine, his preferred perch location for maximum heckling.

His fashion inspiration
Eugene having a Fourth-Doctor scarf moment

He enjoyed the day immensely (as did the human members of our party) and I'm sure Eugene will always be welcome in this palace of the silver ball.

Touring the museum


Scott K said...

Is it really that cold that he needs a scarf?
Nice pinny by the way.

mpclemens said...

He's acclimated, I think. It's been in the lower 100s Fahrenheit this week, so we've been either swimming or hiding in the air conditioning. It was about 30-35 degrees cooler today in Alameda, though, so by comparison, it just FELT like scarf weather.

It's either that, or he's becoming a secret hipster without my knowledge or consent. I should check the house for the presence of a tiny Trilby and spent cans of PBR.

Anonymous said...

Eugene is never going to want to leave!

Scott K said...

Send him out here to Australia. We'll see how he acclimatises here!

Scott K said...

Send him out here to Australia. We'll see how he acclimatises here!

Ted said...

He's a Pinball Wizard!

Richard P said...

What a great place!