Friday, April 25, 2008

Eat your machines, it's good for you

20080425 typecast


Olivander said...

If I had my way, all of our meals would be cooked in Dutch ovens, stacked in an enormous cooking pit in the back yard.

You're right; there's nothing quite like bacon & eggs sizzled in an iron skillet.

Due to cabinet space restraints, we have only one Dutch oven, an old six-quart Wagner. Everyone at the office wants to know the secret to what makes my chili so good. Simple: it's cooked in iron!

Olivander said...

BTW, I saw the picture of Mt Diablo on your photostream? Are you in/near Pleasant Hill by any chance? My aunt & uncle lived there for a couple of decades; I know it well (or at least, I used to). I remember standing in his front yard at dusk and watching Mt Diablo burn back in the '70s.

mpclemens said...

That view of Mt. Diablo is out my office window. :-) Check elsewhere in the photo stream for some pictures of the (new) P.H. downtown (formerly empty lots and an old Volkswagon yard.)

D. Loon said...

I'll have to see about getting a dutch oven some time. So far the only cast iron in our kitchen is a comal, which is perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches or heating up tortillas.