Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Find: Accept No Substitutes!

I spent a little time checking out the latest privacy imposition from Facebook[1] which means flicking through screens, opting-out of various ways my personal information can be used to "personalize" sites I never visit. [2] Anyhow, much like the highest court in the land [3] I have discovered the Intertubes is a scary place. I could be a well-trained dog, for example. Or you could. Or we all could. Scary!

But what to do? Get an impressive-looking seal, that's what. Now all you keyboarding canines out there can rest assured that documents that cross my paws, er, "hands" are 100% certified and legit. Just look for the seal!

The Great Seal

I am told by my human companions that forging such a seal would be nearly impossible unless you have opposable thumbs and one of these[4]:

Stamp kit[5]

(Ha ha! Thumbs! Like that's ever going to happen.)

If you are engaged in Monsieur Packer's analog letter exchange thingus, and you receive a poorly-spelled, blotchy, rambling letter claiming to be from me, don't believe it!

...unless that poorly-spelled, blotchy, rambling letter also features that stamp. Then you know it's the real analog deal. (Yo.)

[1] You might argue that Facebook is by design an invasion of privacy, and I'd agree with you. It's also darn handy for keeping up with old friends. But that's all I want the site to do with my information, thanks.

[2] Hey! I'm 40 now. Bring on the grumpy old man act.

[3] Email? Text messages? Who can keep up?

[4] It also helps if you have a great deal of patience for picking up tiny rubber letters with a pair of plastic tongs, and picking up said letters after spilling a tray on your desk.

[5] The letters are perforated, so I'm not sure what the razor blade is doing in there. Maybe to end it all when you've just spent far too long picking through tiny, inky type trying to sort out the "i" slugs from the "l" slugs.


Mike Speegle said...

I am instantly and venomously jealous of your new toy. Well done.

mpclemens said...

Then my work here is done.

James Watterson said...

LOL Speegle your going to let him get'cha like that??

Anonymous said...

I agree with Speegle. Wholeheartedly. And with any other hearts I manage to obtain in my lifetime.

Where can I get one of those!? I'd totally use it on my type/pencasts and act all pretentious and amazing :)

Seriously, I was just thinking about making wax seals (Possible, probably not) when I found your post. Coincidence?

mpclemens said...

I should point out that I easily have enough surplus letters to spell "Suck it, Speegle" though I would not stoop to such childish lows.


Actually, I would surprised if the lovely-and-talented Mrs. Jen "All Your Craft Are Belong to Us" Speegle doesn't have a set of these, or something similar. I see that this is called a "message stamp kit" by Those Who Know (not me, obviously), though I'm only able to find the self-inking kind with my Google-fu. I found one example of my kit on an eBay somewhere, but the pic was too tiny to read the name of the maker, and my kit has no labels or branding. (Ironic?)

I like the non-self-inking one, since it gives me some color options. (Mmm... metallic ink.)

Strikethru said...

Cool! I've been meaning to get one of those.

Regarding Facebook, I've been mad ever since they took away the news feed and wall settings, forcing you to broadcast every sneeze to your entire network.

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya, people - stay away from Spacebook, MyFace, Tweeter, and their ilk. They're the Devil! ;-)

I have to believe all those sites are just insidious marketing tools.

Anyhoo - love the stamp.

Duffy Moon said...

Can you squeeze it *real* hard and make it emboss?

Unknown said...

Whatever you do, don't follow my lead (pronounced "leed") and graduate to lead (pronounced "led"). That stuff is heavy, takes up a ridiculous amount of space, and supposedly makes you go crazy. Which, I can attest, is a fact.

Mike Speegle said...

Cuss you, Clemens. The lovely Mrs. has manifold tools, for embossing, die-cutting, and making one's own stamps, but nothing this specific.

I have no recourse now but to make a cruse Just Write seal using my super-weak lino-cutting skills.

mpclemens said...

@Duffy: Wish I could, though I bet I could dip it in vinyl dye and stamp a few typers...

@Joe: Warning noted. Maybe not heeded, but I hear you.

@Speegle: I'm wondering if you can print up the mirror image of the design you like on a piece of paper, fasten that to the lino, and then cut around it? My own art skillz are greatly enhanced when I'm able to trace something.