Thursday, October 23, 2008

The dry run

20081023 typecast

The Royal when it was situated elsewhere:
Royal Standard c. 1950, aka "Open"


D. Loon said...

Sitting comfortably is half the battle. Our cheap plastic desk chair is almost cracked in half so I'll probably be on the couch a lot.

I'm glad your son is keeping on with his story!

Anonymous said...

And, mp, hurrah for any son of yours who spells 'valour' with a u. If only more Americans saw the beauty of British English...

(Yes, I acknowledge the battle has been lost: shops in Britain are already stores; they sell cookies not biscuits; trick or treat, unheard of in Britain ten years ago, is around the corner; and this weekend there's even a regular-season NFL game in London. What are we coming to?)

mpclemens said...

On a re-read I would have been better to substitute "gore" for "valo(u)r." Typical ten-year-old stuff, I think. I hope, anyhow. The best part of this night was him lugging his typewriter out to the family room and asking me "dad, are you going to be typing tonight?" I really do love it.

As for the Brit spelling, you can tell that I watch too much BBC America (with the subtitles on, and Google nearby so I can look up the references.)

Elizabeth H. said...

Looks like good, clear type! That's one thing I like about my standards...the print comes out so beautifully even.

I'm still planning to mix hand-writing with typing this year, most likely switching back and forth when I feel stuck. It works for me.

As to American and British spelling...I mostly spell American, but I tend to get annoyed with some of the on-line word games I like to play because they don't let me use words like "dreamt" or "burnt", among other words. And Microsoft Word gets peeved with me if I use my usual spelling for grey. It isn't fair.