Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Almost Here

Typewriter Day 2009, that is. If you're a member of the Italian Orthodoxy, you might have celebrated this back at the end of April, but there's enough typer-love in this world to celebrate on June 23rd as well, a.k.a. the anniversary date of the U.S. patent granted to Christopher Scholes. I have to admit to being a little over-planny with last year's celebrations as it seemed to require as much coordination and general fussing than other projects in the news, and with apparently less overall success.

Any ideas for this year? I like the public typing component of it, especially as one of our number has shown it to not only be easy, but entertaining as well. I still like Olivander's find of a letter-writing-service for imaginary persons, and judging by the comments in the post, this idea got a few of you thinking how you might burn through your fabulous stationery supply.

What say all of you?


Mike Speegle said...

See, I like the over-planny plans from last year. Did it work out when you tried it?

mpclemens said...

Well, no. Three people had to drop out due to various issues, and there seemed to be a problem getting the papers all shepherded from one locale to another consistently. I think I much prefer Strikethru's retro-zine as a means for collaborative typing, if only because there's so much less to go wrong. I knew that a traveling-anything project would be risky going in, though.

Monda said...

As much as I loved last year's idea, it came at a bad time for me. Too many on-the-road workshops to catch the mailbox.

I'm all about public typing. I'll certainly throw a bash here at the coffee shop with pictures and all.

Strikethru said...

It remains to be seen what may go wrong with the retro zine -!

Here's what I want to see on typewriter day: a digital photograph from all of us of our typewriters, or us at our typewriters. We can cram them into my flickr typewriter collections group, or anywhere else that sounds good?

Strikethru said...

***crickets chirping*****

mpclemens said...

Ugh, sorry. I'm all up for photos and such. I don't want to step on the toes of the retro-zine!

Mike Speegle said...

I like the pic idea.

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