Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surviving the Mouse

We're back.

The grand expedition southward to the Land of the Eternal Mickey was a success, despite the soul-deadening drive that is the central valley portion of I-5 and its near-complete dearth of interesting landmarks. The kids are well-exhausted, and the parents are little better, but we've a mighty stack of photos and autographs and princess-related paraphernalia to sift through. I'll be fully back online in a few days, and I'm looking forward to catching up with y'all.


James Watterson said...

YEA!! Buzz Lightyear Blasters and Space Mountain all the way. But no Epcot Mission Space or MGM Studios Aerosmiths rock n roller coaster. F-ing love disney!! Hope you had a good time.

Mike Speegle said...

I know it's odd, but my favorite part of Disneyland is Monte Cristo sandwiches at the Blue Bayou restaurant.

mpclemens said...

Revamped Space Mountain: awesome.

Revamped Pirates of the Caribbean: awesomer, even the new Depp-infused version.

Didn't get a chance to try the Blue Bayou on this trip due to the broad spread in ages, though the atmosphere reminds me of the San Angel Inn at Disney World.

Yeah, it's sanitized and hokey -- we loved it.

Strikethru said...

Speegle! I am with you on that one.

Is that glowy eyed bride still in the haunted house ride? Man, that lady scares the *&^% out of me.

mpclemens said...

Either my memory is hazy, or they've made the bride spookier -- she's ghostly now, kind of hologram-style, and very menacing. My six-year-old did NOT want to ride that one again, but she gladly joined me on Pirates for six or seven rides.

Mike Speegle said...

Never found the haunted-house ride scary, m'self. I do enjoy it though. Pro Tip: Go on the Haunted House ride at night while everyone else is watching the fireworks. Having the place to yourself adds a little spooookiness.

Man, I heard all about the slow nerfification (it's a word!) of POTC. The ride is still a lot of fun, but dude, come on Disney guys. They're pirates.

mpclemens said...

The last time I went, my son loved the Haunted Mansion (a mighty pendant, I) and hated Pirates. Go figger.

The PC-ification of Pirates is a little sad, though only Disney Purists (tm) are likely to get bent out of shape. And the new animatronics are amazing -- the contrast between the new Jack Sparrow figures vs. the original figures is startling (and makes it all the more convincing.)

When I get on that ride, I'm eleven again, seeing it all for the first time.