Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scratching An Itch

I got the idea in the shower.

No, that's probably not a good way to start. Let's say I thought of it over breakfast and go from there. Thinking about Joe's woes with finding image hosting, and my own cheapskate solution, I thought to myself:

Self, if only there was a flickr group that one could safely dump all their blog images into, without fear of reprisal from the group owners, thus enabling freeloading flickr members like me to still be able to easily find their old typecasts and "other stuff" that doesn't fit into a real category. But who would be stupid enough to let that happen?
Well, duh, who indeed. I've established a new, members-only group on flickr called "Anablogger Archives" which you're all free to join, if you're running a blog friendly to the analog arts. (I briefly toyed with the idea of naming it something like "Society for the Preservation and Promotion of the Analog Arts" but thought better of it. Though that would look awesome on a T-shirt. Hmmm.)

Feel free to dump your (safe!) content in there and use it as a home for your bloggy bits. I'm keeping the membership on approval-only, since I don't want it to become a catch-all for spammers and flickr group whores. If you want to sign up, follow the "join" links on the group page with the URL of your blog and I'll let you through.


Joe V said...

A great idea; I'll join up when I have some time this coming weekend.

I also had the idea of just starting another blog on my Blogger account, just to archive images and links to my Flickr account that roll off the 200-most-recent image list. That way I can use the image blog to find the appropriate image, and use the included link to get the higher res version linked onto my main blog.

Kind of like a "GOSUB" call for a programmer (you can tell I'm an old-school BASIC programmer, huh?)

mpclemens said...

That's the idea -- you can embed the images in your blog however you like, but the "group" mechanism in flickr makes it easier to find old stuff.

I just went back to the beginning of clickthing and added all the old stuff into the group -- it's surprisingly painless.

deek said...

GOSUB. That and GOTO were all the craze back in the BASIC days. Not that I was programming much other than playing and I'm not even that old:)

I was reading this talk about flickr and running out of space and started to get worried as all my photos and typecasts are jpegs. But then I realized that I just dump them all on my domain host and link to them on my blogger site.

Its only $5 a month for a basic linux account at GoDaddy. It should be a great many years before I run out of space!