Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Tea

20100415 typecast

Typed on a Sperry-Rand Remington Premier:
Sperry-Rand Remington Premier, c 1960s?

Day after update:


By my lovely wife and kids! Mrs. Moon, consider yourself on notice.


Anonymous said...

Aw, happy birthday!

I was wondering what those "Tea Party" signs all around campus were. Looks like we're having a protest! lol. Useless college kids.

Anonymous said...

I gave a nice 40s Royal Quiet de Luxe to a friend last year. She loves it and she and her husband have it set up on its very own writing table in the living room. It was a fun thing to do.

Happy birthday.

Olivander said...

Rad, having known someone who was at Kent State, I respectfully disagree.

Speaking of student protests, did you know that the first student protest was led by Henry Thoreau's grandfather Asa Dunbar at Harvard in 1766? Known as the Great Butter Rebellion, it began when Dunbar jumped up on a cafeteria chair and rallied his fellow students with the cry, "Behold, our butter stinketh!" (True story.)

Happy birthday, you old poop!

See, even though I'm less than a year younger than you, I can say that, 'cause I decided long ago that I'm never going to turn for*coughcoughcough*. I'm stopping the clock right where I am.

Duffy Moon said...

Since I'm checking yer blog from work - where they've seen fit to deny me my inalienable right to view flickr images - I am unable at this moment to read your post. I shall rectify that soon.

But since you issued a very public calling-out of Mrs. Moon, I feel the need to respond.

I'm assuming you're referencing that wonderful cake I saw earlier today on Flickr. Rest assured that, when I turn 40 in (...counting the months on my fingers...) a VERY VERY LONG TIME FROM NOW, then she will respond accordingly.

Apart from that, I say only: Happy birthday, Clemens.

Duffy Moon said...

Now, having read your post, I can't help but wonder if all the mechanical breakdowns your experiencing aren't somehow a metaphor related to turning 40? Something to think about.
(I expect you to similarly cheer me up when I reach that milestone, which will occur A LONG LONG TIME FROM NOW.)

And that cake is amazing.

mpclemens said...

You're a bundle of laffs, Duffy. You should write greeting cards.

speculator said...

Happy Birthday- and I'm happy for you, as it is quite evident by the cake that you are much loved!

Anonymous said...

Nice cake! Wow, I'm jealous!

Hey Olivander, nice true story. However, my college campus is full of vain whores and drunk boys that will eagerly rape them. No offense or anything. It's just, our protests would only lead to chaos and more people smoking on campus. (we had a smokers riot, lots of people smoked in front of the library all night and wasted hundreds of cigarettes. Nothing changed.) Just sayin'.

Wish we could stage a protest like that! Sticky butter will be abolished! Amen!

Strikethru said...

That's one hells of a cake!

Happy 40th. Man, it just *sounds* old, doesn't it? When I was a kid, 40 was definitely the line that one crossed into the elderly realm. I'm about to turn 39, and can't decide whether to lord my one year over you, or basically commiserate that I am pretty much 40 myself.

Agreed: it feels great to give away a typer. Never regretted doing it either.

Mike Speegle said...

40, huh?I have alerted the glue factory about your imminent arrival. Me, I gotta whole 'nother decade before I get there. Just call me as spring chicken.

Other'n that, though, happy belated. That the coolest cake evah.

D. Loon said...

And here I was letting myself feel disturbed at the prospect of 33 next month. Congratulations!

I do have to say, I don't feel a whole lot like protesting after the refund I got . . .