Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reboot, Reset, Recharge

20101202 typecast

Typed on Morticia, the Olympia SM-3
"Morticia", the curbside Olympia SM-3, c. 1956
Mysterious gaps due to me cutting out strikeouts with Gimp before uploading

* The "Out of Town" mail slot is a holdover from my rural upbringing. My hometown's post office had (and likely still has) a slot dedicated solely to local mail, though I was never clear on what that actually meant, as the definition of "town" was pretty fluid. I'm afraid that I don't know the specific reason why this warranted its own drop point and bin, though I suspect once upon a time, residents could supply far simpler addresses and the mail would get there just fine: "Aunt June Doe, Main Street." Only the fancy out-of-town stuff would require high-falutin' zip codes and full street addresses. That's my theory, anyhow.

It's been decades since I lived anywhere that had such a setup, but it's so ingrained that I check every single time I walk in to drop off mail, for fear of dropping it into the wrong opening, and inconveniencing a mail clerk. As if sixty Christmas cards in one dump wasn't an inconvenience on its own.


deek said...

I'm just getting ready to get back in the typecasting routine, although I'm also still working on my novel...still got about 25K words to go, methinks, but I can do it without any threat of "falling behind" on word count:)

My rebooting was taking a nap last night after the kids went to bed. So, I "wasted" my little rebellion of that word count monster in November!

Yeah, Christmas cards. Luckily, I'm still an avid photographer throughout the year and my wife is an avid editor/finisher, so she already picked out a photo, built a photo card and when they get there, probably will send them out only checking with me to see what extended family I may want to send one to.

There weren't as many of "us" Nano-ing this year as in the past, so I wonder what is keeping everyone so quiet?

wordrebel said...

A recharge of spirt, mind, and anything else that may be able to be recharged. In fact, if my feelings are correct I think many of my "rebootable" things need to be shut down and rested for a while. November takes so much out of you if you let it. This year, even though the story flowed rather easily, I still found myself more and more tired and spent. Add to that the fact that my blog and website went down the other day and yeah...I'm ready to unplug for a while!

Christmas cards?!?! Crap!! I gotta go! ;u)

notagain said...

Morticia's lovely! I barely had time to read blogs, much less write or comment in November. we'll see it pick up now.

Strikethru said...

Wow, three kids and newsletters and nano... and real typecasts that are typed and all... how do you do it? That is a serious question. I have dropped out of blogging and typecasting, working (until March), school, sleeping, picking up clutter around my house, doing fun things, brushing my hair, and am currently trying to get a letter from the proper authorities excusing me from Christmas-- by the way, do you happen to know who the proper authorities are?