Tuesday, February 1, 2011


20110201 typecast

Typed on "Etta," the 1953 Royal Quiet DeLuxe
Royal Quiet DeLuxe c. 1953, aka "Etta"


deek said...

Needing the whole month? Yeah, ain't it the truth:)

Adwoa said...

Thanks for the mention :)

Anonymous said...

It certainly does require a whole month to appreciate all the goodness of the typosphere; there is so much goodness lately!

Hey, I haven't written about this yet but, through a remarkable situation, I now have a VERY nice Royal KMG that looks just like yours. Lovely machines they are.

Elizabeth H. said...

HP Premium Choice paper *rules*...and it's always nice to communicate with someone who can fully appreciate this. ;)

mpclemens said...

@deek: February needs something to liven it up, too. Besides devesating snows and such, that is.

@Adwoa: My pleasure! You casual courage in the face of all those fine machines is inspiring. And frustrating.

@snohomish: The internets demands pictures.

@LFP: It's amazing stuff. I pulled out one of your letters when my wife was looking to order a big print job on heavy paper. Even she was impressed by it, and she's not a paper freak.

Anonymous said...


Here yous go: