Friday, April 29, 2011

The Cheapitudes

20110429 fauxcast pt1
The Archives
20110429 fauxcast pt2
Mail Supplies #1
20110429 fauxcast pt3
Mail Supplies #2

Typed using Richard Polt's Oliver Printype TrueType font.


J.A. said...

The labels from old floppies idea is way cool! I have a bunch of those and never thought of using them this way. Awesomeness-B-Yours!

Richard P said...

Brilliance. I was very impressed with one of these envelopes when Round Ribbon came in one. Clever use of the floppy labels (and you have a nice black ribbon on the typewriter that typed on them!).

I got one of those accordion files myself for my correspondence and filed various things. I've fallen behind, though, on my replies ... which would explain why I'm not getting letters! Hope to do better this summer.

Strikethru said...

Excellent finds / ideas. Frugality is itself a hobby, requiring time, discipline, creative thinking... all reasons I have failed utterly to achieve it. Hats off to you for digging up cool stuff for cheap (jealous of the Speedball find!)