Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lightness Into Dark

20110716 fauxcast pt1
20110716 fauxcast pt2

Oh, botheration: that's "the wishes they make" in the first part, and and "shine a little light" in the next to last paragraph, not "sine." This story is mostly free of trigonometric issues. Why do I only see typos in these fauxcasts after they're posted? I'm sure there are more. Get out your red pencils and have fun!

Gratitude once again for Richard Polt's free typewriter font collection: this is Cassandre Graphike.


Richard P said...

Sounds like your story is running away from you. This is supposed to happen, right?

Nice to see that font in use.

Mike Speegle said...

Man, I totally feel you here.

I'm plodding through the middlin' part of one of my own short stories, and for the first few hundred words, it maintained a light comic approach, with a dash of cynicism for flavor. However, over the last couple of days the cynicism has gone from "add to taste" on up to "several pounds of."

Richard is right, to an extent, but sometimes elements of stories that have no business taking on their own life have a tendency to metastasize and strangle a healthy story. I for one have had to go back and weed out a plot line that sent me wrong, and then delete a dozen or so of the offending pages. It's painful, but sometimes necessary.

In any case, MPC, the story still sounds pretty good! Make it happen, cap'n.

Duffy Moon said...

See, that's great, that you got yourself pegged. That's a big, wonderful thing (and I agree - you do it well). I still haven't found what MY thing is. And I ain't gettin' any younger.

(Know how I know your so-called 'type-cast' is an absolute fraud? Superscripts. You've been found out, you forging fiend!)
((Wait, what's that?))

Strikethru said...

It's funny how we all start out trying to write Underworld or Infinite Jest or Freedom or what have you. The lucky ones find out what they're *really* supposed to sound like eventually, and it's rarely those po-mo Weighty Tomes guys. I'm with you on the comedy, all three of my old nano novels are sort of comedy more or less.

I still don't know what nano summer camp is, but it's probably for the best.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, are you a DeLillo fan? He's the only novelist so far where I've read everything he's ever done.