Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Break(down)

20110710 fauxcast

Typos included for extra authenticity.

Faux typecast using Richard Polt's "Remington Noiseless" font. The process for making a faux-cast is easy: install the font, use your favorite text editor to write it up, and then get a screen grab to upload.


Rob Bowker said...

Cool faux-cast. Had me fooled right up to the end. On BBC Radio 4 today in a programme called Americana, a journalist was asking passersby in LA about whether they'd consider an electric car which has just been rolled out. Not many takers. Tough luck about the car - I know the feeling - hope you get fixed up soon.

J.A. said...

Re: the eating prowess of the average teenager. At our wedding many moons ago, the friend who was catering for us asked if my 2 younger brothers would be there. When I said yes, she said, "Ok, that adds 10 lbs more of sandwich meat!" And she wasn't kidding! ;-)

Richard P said...

I'm glad you're writing and glad that you're using my font. It always feels so comfy to me, because it comes from my first typewriter, which my dad bought for me when I was 12 or so.

Good luck with the car search!