Thursday, April 12, 2012


Typewriter pin

typecast 20120412 pt 1

typecast 20120412 pt 2

From a 1963 Remington Monarch on an adding-machine tape TAROP*

Remington Monarch, c1963

* tiny-ass roll of paper


Duffy Moon said...

Wait, you got one of the little urchins to TALK to you? What, was his I-Unit being charged or something?

Ted said...

No bagging on Today's Youth, old man. They're as sharp as a whip! :DE

(emoticon was accidental at first, then I noticed it looks like a long beard, so it stays)

Bill M said...

A conversation in the grocery line; unique. Next time ask if he has a typewriter. You may find another typosphereian.

Mike Speegle said...

Clemens, you relic! This is your chance to engage a whole new generation of mollycoddled whippersnappers! And think, for every moment that they're typing, it's one less moment that they're on your lawn...

maschinengeschrieben said...

Nice pin, nice story!