Saturday, December 1, 2012

Well Done, Rhino Wrimos

That whumping sound you heard was Wrimos collapsing in a heap after another thirty-day charge of the Typewriter Brigade. No matter what state your wordcount bar was in at the end of the month -- purple victory, blue almost-there, or barely-budged -- or even if you were cheering from the sidelines, it's quite a spectacle and a huge effort for all involved, attempting to squeeze an overlarge creative project into an already over-squoze life. (I'm still getting past the "invent new words" stage.) Like Scrooge, I wake up blinking in the sunlight -- or winter rains -- and marvel that the spirits of Nano got it all done in one month.

Personally, I'm glad to have a Saturday where I'm allowing myself to sleep in. I put the typing table and Beast back in their hibernating spots, and today, I get to shuffle around an end table, an electric piano, and several bins in storage as we attempt to jam an overlarge Christmas tree into our already over-squoze house. I've got a backlog of books to read, a story to review (hello, Mr. Speegle), and normal life to resume. And sometime in about four weeks or so, a mysterious box to open, jammed with the output of an over-caffeinated, under-rested Rhino on the keys.

Nano Rhino


Martin A. Rice, Jr. said...

I wish you a well-earned day of rest!

notagain said...

High five!

Cameron said...

Congratulations on completing yet another NaNo!

I enjoyed this 2nd year in a row, although my pace was not as frantic. And now the REAL work of revision and expansion begins! (I am far from finished...)

May your Holidays be cheery and bright, and enjoy your well-deserved writing break!