Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hermes 3000/Hermes Media Manual Scan

Ephemera-heads gotta stick together! The manual for the Skyriter that I have posted still gets pretty frequent hits, so here's a greyscale scan of the manual that came with my wide-carriage, French made Hermes 3000. Based on the cover of the booklet, this also applies to the Hermes Media model.

Even though the styling changed, the layout of controls and their behavior appears to be the same as the curvy 1950s and boxy 1960s variations.

"Lennon", Hermes 3000, c 1972


Scott K said...

What an odd machine. Did you replace those miss-matched keys? They look like they have come from two differen't typewriters.

mpclemens said...

Nope -- that spacebar discoloration is how it came to me. It's a whole different color than the rest of the keys which are kind of a dove gray color.

Ted said...

I've added links to your manuals on the Smith-Corona and Hermes pages on (: