Monday, June 3, 2013


20130603 typecast

Inaugural typecasts are both wonderful and terrible: wonderful in the sense that you get a chance to show off a bit, and terrible in that you're paying more attention to the handling of the machine than the placement of words or the thoughts on the page.

Also, whoever designed the numerals for this (standard?) typeface clearly had a free spirit. Look at that "5"!

Typed on a 1948 Smith-Corona Silent
Type-faster stripes


Richard P said...

Looks good!

I think the numerals are where you can see the most individuality in standard typewriter typefaces.

notagain said...

very nice - I'm still not there with repairs yet.

Ted said...

I can think of worse things that having Robert Messenger accuse you of having "The Stuff". :D

BTW, beautiful Corona (: