Sunday, June 23, 2013

Typewriter Day 2013

Typewriter Day 2013
From L to R: youngest on the pimpwriter, me on the SM3, middle child on a Silent-Super

Practicing the alphabet, a postcard for the insurgency, and a letter to Grandma. How did you spend your Typewriter Day?


Ted said...

Getting set up for today's Typewriter Day post, that's what I'm doing (:

Happy Typewriter Day!

Rob Bowker said...

Mostly carpentry! But now we have great stair spindles and a new handrail. Good to see you made it a family affair. I suggested that Our Boy Wonder write some thank you letters for recent birthday gifts... 15 is just the right age to stop doing it for Dad and start doing it for yourself. We'll see if he asks to borrow aportable or bashes out his letters on the KHM at the top of the stairs. Happy Typewriter Day!

Richard P said...

What a fine family scene.

Dwayne F. said...

We saw almost 200 of the most amazing cars from the region and all over America. Typewriter Day finally kicked in for me at 11:00 last night, but I posted in time.

Random thing from this evening: the family is watching lots of Dr. Who so my girls won't be totally out of the Geek culture loop their friends inhabit. I noticed that the Tardis control panel includes a gray Olympia SM-3. How cool is that?