Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Nano Ditty

Thirty days until November!
Here's three things you should remember:

Using backspace makes you slow
Forward is the way to go.
When you're drafting: keep every word,
There's time in December to polish that turd prose.

Moar werdz

The Typewriter Brigade will form this year
In the forums again, don't you fear.
The Mafia keeps the riff-raff out
While the rest of us gambol about.
Don't be a stranger, come on by.
No pants required! (I don't know why.)

NaNoWriMo Pantsers?

The Rhino is a fickle beast:
Wants you to write when you want to sleep.
But he can't help you unless you're there,
So plant your butt upon your chair.
Roll up your sleeves,
Turn on a light,
Stop making excuses,
And write, write, write.


Ted said...

Clearly the Rhino whispers in thy ear (:

sjb said...

Cheers! Thanks for the smile in my face.


Art said...

All praise the rhino and the pantsless delegation. Nd the mafia. And the no backspace key.