Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moon Moon Moon

Anybody else stay up late/roll out of bed to see this morning's lunar eclipse? We had high clouds right up until a few minutes before totality, and then the breeze picked up, the sky cleared, and this...

Blood moon, April 15, 2014

Seen from my suburban driveway, and a handheld shot with the camera pressed against a fencepost for support and the digital zoom fully engaged. I watched for about 20 minutes, posted the pics, and then went back to bed. This morning I was half-convinced that it was a dream.

The post's title is taken from this song, which was a favorite of my daughter's when she was an infant, and was one of the 2am "please go back to sleep" songs that all parents must discover on their own. I caught myself humming to myself early this morning as I stood in the dark in pajamas and bathrobe, fumbling for the "low light" setting on the camera.

Now this same daughter is talking about being an astronomer. I approve! There's another eclipse in October. If we have clear weather, maybe I'll sing the harmony part next time.


Anonymous said...

That's looking amazing. Must be worth the standing outside on a crazy hour for twenty minutes.

Scott K said...

It kicked in about 5:40 pm my time here - just after sun-down, so it was pretty spectacular.

Bill M said...

Great shot of the moon.

I noticed the moon when I was out running and thought about getting my camrea out when I got home. Got home and forgot about taking any photos.

I do not know when the moon started to change color, but it stayed orange until it was big and low to the West as I headed to work at 06:00 EDT.