Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Carry?

20140122 pencast

Much as I love the character that my current dailies have -- brassing and so on -- there's no mistake that they were made cheaply as part of a gift set, the writing-instrument equivalent of giving someone a duck-shaped wickerwork basket full of decorative soaps*. I'm leaning towards the Safari for its range of colors and its low cost: I won't feel too bad about letting one knock around in my bag or tossing it in my jacket pocket. But I'm not set on the idea by far.

Speak up, pen-nuts. I know there's a few in our number. At worst, I can blow everything on Noodler's ink.

* This is the standard baseline in our household for comparing gifts given unthinkingly to another person. "Sure, it's bad, but is it soap-in-a-duck bad?"


MTCoalhopper said...

By all means, the Lamy Safari would be an excellent choice. If you really need to burn off some extra cash, the aluminum Al-Star model is a step up from the Safari.

What really sets Lamy pens apart is that their nibs are inexpensive and can be interchanged. That, alone, gives them affordable flexibility. Don't like the line width? Install a finer nib.

I am certainly not the only Typospherian who would highly recommend the folks at Goulet Pen Company. Rachel and Brian and the gang are great folks.

Anonymous said...'s a toss up. The VP is great. Great! Brass and kind of heavy and a joy to write with. Sturdier than the average pen, too. Won't scratch unless you get the matte model. Thick, though, which I like, and with a clip that rests between your fingers if you hold it right. Unusual, but has never bothered me even after three years use.

However, if you prefer something a little more traditional, the Falcon is amazing. My f is a little scratchy at times, but I have never owned a more beautiful pen. The nib is amazing and the flex adds a welcome element to, like, everything. Use it with Iroshizuku Kon-peki and let it blow your mind. Light resin, standard width.

teeritz said...

You could maybe get a Pelikan M200 for about the same money as a VP. That would be my pick. Not too pricey, and it writes nicely and still looks like a fountain pen.

Richard P said...

I use a vanishing-point Namiki for everything possible. It isn't just a novelty for me; I'm pretty bad at handling liquids -- including ink -- and this sytem makes a fountain pen as easy as a ballpoint. Pleasant heft and size, smooth writing, a pleasure.

Ted said...

I recommend the Smith & Wesson Model 65 revolver as a daily carry piece. Simple to operate, of sufficient calibre for most purposes, and resistant to the dampness of concealment near the body.

Oh wait. you were talking about pens.. :D

mpclemens said...

@Ted: LOL. I said "daily carry" not "concealed carry." This won't be a Second Amendment pen, I hope.

Great suggestions, all. Keep them coming!

Elizabeth H. said...

Everyone needs a VP. In fact, at the moment, *I* need a VP. Sold it to help finance something else, and I really miss it. They're really handy for quick notes, especially.

That said, for marathon sessions, they don't hold much ink. I like the Pelikan suggestions. And I'm a fan of what TWSBI is doing, how they incorporate suggestions from the user-on-the-street (OK, that doesn't sound quite right, but...) I *have* found them more delicate than you would think. TWSBI will send you replacements if you crack anything, but it irks me that they have had cracking tendencies to begin with.

As I said elsewhere, my current main squeeze is a Pilot Custom 74 that I found at a majorly substantial discount, but that's likely well out of your comfort range price wise. Does hold a ton of ink while still being a converter pen, though. And Pilot makes beautiful writers.

Anonymous said...

The next time you're in The City, stop by Flax (corner of Market & Valencia.) They have all the pens you desire.

mpclemens said...

Cynthia, I've seen Flax mentioned on FPN. I only regret not finding it back when I was commuting in regularly! I'll have to give them a look the next time I play tourist.