Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Full-On Loafing

I'm on vacation, enjoying the final hours of 2014, and being surprised that we're in the final hours of 2014. There's no Christmas quite like one spent with a young child in the house, and there's no holiday quite like one spent after a rather stressful and anxious year. This was the year of gaining perspective. Next year: a new outlook on life. I'll write more about that in the months to come.

Now I'm loafing around the house like a complete champion, wrapped in blankets, watching too much TV and eating too many cookies, playing Small World and only occasionally being productive by pulling out my AlphaSmart due to persistent goading from certain nameless parties. I'll be back in adult society next week and slumping around online again and generally making a nuisance of myself.

Stay comfy, Typosphere, according to the meteorological dictates of your hemisphere. Put your feet up and enjoy a refreshing warm or cold beverage of your choosing. Say farewell to 2014, and I'll see you in the new year.


Ted said...

Happy New Year yourself!

I have actually unsheathed the Dana today, to work on my post on the Corona update. Yay, Alphasmart! :D

Cheryl (Strikethru) said...

Glad to know I'm not alone in my laziness, sitting on the couch eating stale cookies and drinking Cava while watching the kids play Minecraft on Xbox.

Bill M said...

Have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!