Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guess the secretarial postion didn't pan out

I was distressed to find Monda's typing student had moved on to bigger and better things. By 1961, she was part of the Red Menace, scaring the bejesus out of nice Catholic schoolchildren via comic books with her new "severe" haircut and accusatory fingers.

Type for America, people!

20080506 commiecast


Duffy Moon said...

Proabably learned to be a good communist at Columbia.

Wait a minute -- take off those glasses and swap the skirt for a pantsuit. Oh. My. Dear. God.

(j/k! here's a preemptive "lighten up francis")
((not you, mike))
(((I'm talking to the communists; I know they're watching me anyway...)))

Olivander said...

The Nazi-esque armbands are a nice touch. It's as if there was a discussion in the editor's office that went like this: "Hey, Marty, your Commies aren't quite menacing enough. How's about you give 'em some Nazi armbands? That'll scare the bejeezus outta the little twerps."

I've got a rabidly right-wing 1951 book called "Washington Confidential" that, among many, many other outrageous statements, claims that giving blacks the right to vote was a Communist plot to install a black President and thereby crumble America. Scary times, and not just because of the Communists.

Duffy Moon said...

The communists have gotten to Olivander! Quick, everyone in your basement! Block all your doors and windows with American flags and copies of the Federalist Papers. (You can also substitue the US Constitution or the KJV Bible - not the Living Bible, which is a tool of the communists; or you can use Ayn Rands novels in a pinch.)

mpclemens said...

Sadly, our typist-turned-revolutionary makes no more appearances in this series (follow the link under the post to read the whole thing.) Keep in mind that this comic was distributed to parochial schoolchildren, too. Kind of like a Weekly Reader with anti-Khrushchev leanings.

Strikethru said...

Man has no soul! (cue evil laughter).

Nothing heavy handed about *this* cartoon. No sir!

D. Loon said...

What a trip.

This causes me to appreciate John Bellairs' _St. Fidgeta and Other Parodies_ even more.

Monda said...

It was a man. It's ALWAYS a man.