Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The call of the small

20080702 typecast


D. Loon said...

Well, I for one think it's a fine idea to let your daughter have her own typewriter. Our daughter isn't even born yet and I'm already wondering which one of mine she'll get primary use of. We'll see how many more are in the house by the time she gets old enough . . .

In fact, I'm anticipating inheriting a Royal (Standard I think) from my in-laws as soon as they find it.

Duffy Moon said...

I think letting the little ones have a standard machine makes perfect sense, for several reasons. I think they're generally more durable and bullet-proof than portables, and can handle the abuse a kid is likely to dish out. They're stable, unlikely to be accidentally knocked off something because they probably outweigh your kid anyway. And they're easy to type on.
The problem, from a kid's eye is: none of them are cute, and most are downright ugly.