Monday, July 7, 2008


20080707 typecast


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Yeah, I'm into typewriter spotting in old movies, too. Thought I was the only one that weird, heh heh. Got a question: how do you get the scanned typewritten pages so dark? Mine never look that good even with a new ribbon. And do you scan OCR or just regular mode?

Finally, I also belong to a small, but rabid band of double-edged (DE) razor collectors--and users. And we also play "name that razor" in old movies. Collector madness knows no bounds.


mpclemens said...

I use the "black and white/OCR" setting on the scanner, which makes everything a nice uniform darkness. Monda posted some tips on typecasting for the math-shy: this is what I used as my guideline. Of course, b/w scanning throws all my corrections into high relief.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! You can see my raggedy-assed typecast here.

Duffy Moon said...

Just last night I was flummoxed when, while watching some PBS show about C.S. Lewis, Mrs. Moon beat me to the punch when she spotted the image of a typewriter. "That's an Underwood, isn't it?" She says.
She doesn't even LIKE typewriters!
(But, yeah, it was an Underwood.)

Anonymous said...

I saw two typewriters in "Finding Forrester". I like it when Sean Conery says, "Punch those Keys...Your the man now Dog!"

Anonymous said...

Back again and spotted a Blue Olivetti Lettera 22 in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"; Portable Corona No. 3 in "Atonement"; I could not id the typewriter on "Quiet American". Correct me if I'm wrong.